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Those of you interested in hematology/oncology are invited to check out my latest project, a hematology, oncology, and chemotherapy regimen wiki.

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Currently supported labs: Chem 10, CBC with diff, LFTs, coags, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, TG, Iron, TIBC, %sat, transferrin, ferritin, HbA1C, reticulocyte, (calculated) retic index, troponin I, HIV, digoxin, D-dimer, BNP, blood gas, ESR, hsCRP, vancomycin trough, serum osm, TSH, free T4, total T3, ANA, RPR. Urinalysis values: clarity, color, specific gravity, pH, blood, urobilinogen, bilirubin, ketones, glucose, protein, nitrite, leukocyte esterase, RBCs, WBCs, squamous epithelial cells, urine protein, urine creatinine. Only paste one instance of a lab; if you put two creatinines, for example, only the top one will be processed. Please make sure the labs are from list view; grid view is not supported.

Thank you for supporting with your donations:
Philippe Champagne
Peter Ward
Besim Uzgil
Jose Aguilar
Yi-Chiun Wang
Jeremy Lorber
Antonio Pessegueiro
Daniel Shrey
Kareem Tabsh
Chris Nguyen
Olive View Division of Nephrology
Phillip Young
Alice Chen
Danny Le & Cynthia Cheung
Alex Viehman
Prashant Patel
Jon Neyer
John Ly
Peter Balingit
Raj Chudasama
Rietta Goodglick
Deborah Wong
Houman Khakpour
Vivian Ng
Mark Stahl
Santa Monica-UCLA Department of Medicine, coordinated by Roger Lee (x2)
Michael Chang (x2)
Harkawal Hundal
Bill Reid (x2)

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